Renting is the new buying

At Nexus, we believe that hiring the most advanced lighting technologies and inventory solutions should be a simple business.

The key drivers of success

The market can be tough and we know you need every competitive edge you can get. As everyone pores over the balance sheets to find advantages, it can literally pay to explore and compare the costs of renting vs. the expenses of buying.

Cash is King
  • Forgo the upfront investment required when buying
  • Maintain strong borrowing power
  • Financial flexibility - save at tax time
Flexibility when it matters most
  • Be quicker and more versatile in your offering
  • Avoid unnecessary storage costs
  • Get the latest and greatest
The key to new, bigger opportunities
  • A procurement resource that promotes growth
  • Offer your customer the nicest, newest and best equipment
  • Open new doors of capability and capacity
We’re here to help, when you need us
  • Chat with us anytime, 24/7
  • We’ll support you and help solve any problems
  • Backup maintenance and service keeping the kit tip top

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